Certified Pick Up (CPU)

12 jan 2021

Major change in Port of Antwerp ->

In a further step into digitalization (and at the same time supporting the battle against narcotics) the Port of Antwerp has developed a new system/platform together with T-Mining and Nxtport which was launched 01/01/2021. The so-called Certified Pick-Up. This is a completely new import release process which no longer requires pin codes. Pin currently travelling as follows: Terminal -> Carrier -> Forwarder -> Transport company -> Trucker.The platform works with a greenlight system where all parties involved with a shipment can view the status of the container at all times.This transparency will definitely help the efficiency for the supply chain.

In the first phase all parties are already connecting through the platform and starting the exchange of data already to increase transparency.Containers are still transferred via pin though.

Second phase, as from Q2 2021, the full system will come in place where containers move via this CPU system where 3 green traffic lights will be required to pick-up a container.

What will trigger the greenlights?

Green light number one -> after shipping agent releases container to party;

Green light number two -> after customs formalities are done;

After the first two green lights a pick-up right will be generated and will be shared to the party who is registered to pick-up the cargo.

If this party has the correct rights and identifications for the terminal a final green light will be lighted and the container can be removed from terminal.

Will there be a cost involved?

Unfortunately yes, difficult to say how much this will be as carriers are not applying the same policies for the moment

Last but not least, what are the benefits of this new way of working?

Big increase in operational efficiency;

Lots of transparency as all parties involved in the process can check the status of a shipment at all times;

The security of the whole process increases considerably