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Fumigation/heat treatment

Wooden pallets and several packaging materials may contain different kinds of vermin. Many countries at this moment only accept these materials when they were properly fumigated in the country of origin. In the past, the goods were being treated with toxic gasses, such as methylbromide, in order to exterminate all possible insects. On 18/03/2015 though, the European parliament has forbidden the usage of methylbromide for degassing, due to the fact that this gas is very damaging for the environment.

Heat treatment

Another option is the usage of heat treatment in which the cores of the wooden materials are treated at a temperature of 56°C for a minimum of 30 minutes. When the goods were delivered accompanied by untreated packaging materials, a confirmation from the shipper/supplier is needed in order to treat the material, as well as the goods, with a heating temperature of minimum 60°C.


After the heat treatment, the packaging material needs to be stamped with a HT-stamp (at both sides!). It depends from country to country, which kinds of treatment are required and accepted.