flatrack special equipment

LCL and other shipping modes

LCL (Less than Container Load)

With Less than Container Load, the cargo does not occupy an entire container and goods of several shippers are loaded together in one container.

For the most common destinations, there are standard rates so that the customer immediately knows what the shipment will cost. We also provide a sailing list which shows the expected time of departure and arrival.


In the case of breakbulk shipments, the cargo is mostly too large to load into a container. Hereby a platform is made of flat containers (= flatbeds), on which the cargo is loaded and secured. This shipping mode requires a very specific product approach as no shipment is identical.

Embassy Freight Services Europe N.V. searches for the best solution. Due to our long-time experience with breakbulk cargo, we know how to ship out for any kind of cargo.

Conventional cargo

The transportation of conventional cargo means that the goods (pallets, cases, barrels, bales, tubes, bulk, et cetera) are loaded onto the vessel and secured without being loaded into a container. Weather conditions have a serious impact on transit times compared to container vessels.

Cargo which is too big for containers, such as machines, cranes and generators, can also be shipped in this way. The shipments for conventional cargo take place on regular liner services or partial/fully chartered vessels.

Roll on/Roll of (Ro/Ro)

A Roll on/Roll off vessel has a bridge on the backside and is mostly used to transport all kinds of rolling-materials. The greater part of Ro/Ro vessels can also transport containers and are then sometimes called Con/Ro vessels.

Other types of cargo can also be shipped with a Ro/Ro vessel. This goes from big cases to aluminum plates and coils. The goods are loaded on the trailers and then driven onto the vessel. The rolltrailers stay on board of the vessel so the cargo can be easily discharged at the destination.

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