FCL (Full Container Load)

An FCL (full container load) shipment means that the shipper uses the entire container for only his goods. No goods from other owners will be loaded into this container.

For the most common destinations, a standard rate list is available and the customer can be immediately notified about the transportation costs. We also have sailing lists to our disposal so we can almost instantly inform our clients about the expected times of departure and arrival.

Special Equipment

Next to the General Purpose Equipment, there are a lot of different options to transport your goods. For example Flat Rack and Open Top containers for oversized cargo or Reefer containers for cargo susceptible to temperature.

There is an ideal solution for every commodity and quantity!


Flexitanks are used to minimize the transportations costs of bulk material (both solid and liquid bulks). This applies for big quantities of harmless chemicals to simple nutrients. These Flexitanks are installed in 20ft or 40ft containers and are much more cost-effective compared to for example the use of Tank containers (up to 40%!).

After information received about the quantity of the goods, the Flexitanks can be produced up to a capacity from 10000 to 28000 liters. This capacity can vary depending on the bulk goods density. Please keep in mind that it is very important to not exceed the maximum loading weight of 24 ton.

Which goods can be transported in Flexitanks?

– Chemicals, oils, emulsions and latex

– Silicones, silicates and coloring agents

– Perishables, wine, fruit juices, concentrates

– Water

– …

Flat Rack

Flat Rack containers are suitable for the transportation of oversized cargo. These Flat rack containers can be equipped with “foldable collapsible ends” for better and faster terminal handling.

Open top

Open Top containers are mainly used for the shipping of overheight cargoes. The roof of this type of container consists of a removable bow and a removable tarpaulin, which obviously can not be used anymore when the height limit of the container is exceeded. In a situation like this, the goods can be covered up and protected by separate tarpaulins.


A refrigerated container or Reefer is capable of maintaining the required temperature during the transportation of cargo susceptible to temperature. This can be in plus or minus degrees C°

Ventilation holes can be opened or closed in connection to the condensation. This depends on the nature of the cargo. For specific goods, sensitive to temperature variations, you can have recorders that check and register the temperature at certain moments during the transport.

45’HC Container

45’HC containers have the same width and height compared to a 40’HC, the length, however, is different. 45’HC have a length of 13.716m compared to a 40ft HC length of 12.192m. Cargo measuring more then 12m length but less than 13.55m fits perfectly into a 45’ HC.

Hardtop container

A Hardtop container has the same dimensions as a standard open top container but is equipped with a removable roof (no tarpaulin). In this way, it is possible to load your cargo through the roof opening. The removable roof is a practical and safe closure for the open top container


For every commodity and quantity, there is a matching solution. Our task consists of finding the right match for you. In order to know what you need you can always consult our page “container details”. If it’s not clear and you need more info or a double check then please contact one of our employees. They will gladly assist you.


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