Embassy Freight Services Europe NV Lean and Green award winner

Lean and Green: modal and mental shift

By providing a modal shift to our customer together with a mental shift, we want to reduce the CO2 emissions with 20% over the next 5 year.

An example is that we have reduced trucks with containers from the road to offer containers via barge to the Port of Antwerp.

This requires big data to be able to present periodic and comparable results.

Digital support for fast processing and applications is inevitable.

Embassy Freight Services Europe N.V. invested in mindchanging projects, the newest technics were implemented.

We also understand the great importance of sustainability, meaning our own energy supply, paperless working and focussing on the highest level of transports on intermodal base.

If it can be achieved ‘one way’, or by energy saving, then this is the logical logistic step for us.

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